3911VB Rhenen
The Netherlands

Welcome! I see you have found our wonderful cave of treasures!

Here at Ringmaille we like metal, all kinds of metal, from steel to aluminium to brass and titanium, in rings, sheet or cast, we don't care, as we love all metal equally
The same goes for fire! However the very best of all is of course combining the two to make even more awesome things.

Ringmaille is a business that officially got started in 2009 with one objective in mind. FUN! bringing joy and happiness to the people of the world.
Need a bracelet? Got them, Necklace? Check. Fancy earrings? Definitely! But what about custom armour pieces? We don't have those, as keeping a stock of custom items is ridiculous! That is why all our metalwork pieces are made to order! that way You decide, want a different colour combination, or even just a properly sized wristband? It is all possible because we make to order. This is also why we have a processing time of 2 weeks until shipping on most orders, so please keep this in mind.

Another exclusive to Ringmaille is that we have our very own fire artist! He dances, seduces and breathes the stuff! It is our very own Alexander Warmbloed! (That is Dutch for Warmblood, have we told you he's Dutch yet?)

So if we don't have EXACTLY what you want, please send us a message so that we can discuss the options. Messaging is also available if you simply want to let us know how awesome you think we are, or need a fire-breather at your party!

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